Malt Based Drinks

Maltwin is a premium malt-based food brought to you by PMV Nutrient Products Pvt. Ltd, with the sole intent of extending the uncompromising commitment of premium quality product, straight to the customers in the form exactly the way they want it to be.

Maltwin has a winning combination of ingredients to support the everyday nutritional requirements of the human body in a fast-paced lifestyle, which otherwise cannot be fulfilled by a regular diet. The super constituent like 100% Pure Barley Malt Extract is a highly nutritious substance containing all the essential vitamins in the B family, plus amino acids and protein, minerals and soluble fibre (glucans).

With the finest quality of ingredients and best in class technology we bring Maltwin which has a great chocolate bourbon flavour, is highly nutritious, is higher in protein and lower in sugar when compared with chocolate malt-based health drinks. With 24 vital vitamins and minerals, Maltwin is a health drink for kids, teenagers, and adults.

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